Discography for Excello Records
2000 The Boyer Brothers Step By Step
Oh Lord Stand By Me
2001 The Hendrix Singers Away In The Manger
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
2002 The Boyer Brothers Nothing Can Change Me
Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me
2003 The Hendrix Sisters In The End
On The Beautiful Shore
2004 Silvertone Singers of Cincinnati Jesus Be My Keeper
Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
2005 Charlie Dowell Orchestra Allotment Blues
Wait Daddy
2006 Del Thorne and her Trio I Let Him Move Me
Down South In Birmingham
2007 Little Marie Bailey Brownskin Woman Blues
Tear Drops Are Falling
2008 Shy Guy Douglas Detroit Arrow
New Memphis Blues
2009 Kid King's Combo Skip's Boogie
Banana Split
2010 The Boyer Brothers He Delivered Me
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
2011 Good Rockin' Beasley Long Goody
Happy Go Lucky
2012 The Young Gospel Singers Glory To His Name
I Can Call Jesus Anytime
2013 Silvertone Singers of Cincinnati I Got A Home In That Rock
In My Heart
2014 The Leap Frogs Dirty Britches
Things Gonna Change
2015 The Sermonairs Sweet Bye And Bye
Have Faith And Believe
2016 Little Marie Bailey Drive Soldiers Drive
My Baby's Blues
2017 Del Thorne and her Trio Fly Chicken Blues
Goof Train
2018 Kid King's Combo The Brass Rail
2019 Brother Henry Edwards Is There Anybody Else Like Jesus
Nothing Too Hard For Thee
2020 Bernie Hardison Love Me Baby
Yeah It's True
2021 The Waldo Singers Jesus Brought Me Over
Jesus Paid It All
2022 Roosevelt Lee Lazy Pete
I'm So Glad
2023 The Dixie Doodlers She Was All I Had
Best Of Friends
2024 Shy Guy Douglas I'm Your Country Man
Wasted Time
2025 Kid King's Combo Chocolate Sundae
Greasy Time
2026 The Blue Flamers Drivin' Down The Highway
Watch On
2027 Tommy Mc Ghee Late Every Evening
2028 Ray Batts Stealin' Sugar
Maybe It's You Sweetheart
2029 The Boyer Brothers When Life Is Done
2030 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers Bus Station Blues
Waddle Trot
2031 John Christmon My Baby's Gone
Come With Me My Love
2032 Shy Guy Douglas She's My Kinda Girl
No Place Like Home
2033 Jack Toombs You're The Only Good Thing
Two Cheaters In Love
2034 Silvertone Singers of Cincinnati Run On To The End
Way Bye And Bye
2035 Louis Campbell Gotta Love You Baby
The Natural Facts
2036 The Waldo Singers Trust Him Today
Just Tell Jesus
2037 Kid King's Combo Dreamy Moods
Memories In Melody
2038 The Castaways Teasin'
I Wish
2039 Bobby Prince Too Many Keys
Please Give Me Your Love
2040 The Sons of the South In My Savior's Care
Didn't It Rain
2041 Jack Toombs Foolish Jealosy
My Imagination
2042 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers Double Shot
Time Out
2043 Silvertone Singers of Cincinnati Jesus My Savior
Rescue The Perishing
2044 The Peacheroos Be Bop Baby
Every Day My Love Is True
2045 The Sons of the South I'm Waiting And Watching
One Day
2046 Kid King's Combo Mambino
Strollin' Time
2047 Arthur Gunter Baby Let's Play House
Blues After Hours
2048 Jack Toombs and Lucinda Lee Still I'm Yours
If You Catch Me
2049 Beulah Bryant What Am I Gonna Do
Prize Fighting Papa
2050 The Sons of the South God Is Alright
Travelin' Down This Road
2051 Kid King's Combo Now Listen Baby
The Sneak
2052 Don Haggard Somebody Clipped Your Wings
Unloved, Unwed, Unwanted
2053 Arthur Gunter She's Mine All Mine
You Are Doing Me Wrong
2054 The Jewel Gospel-Aires Oh Lord Guide The Way
After Awhile With Jesus
2055 Slim Hunt Welcome Home Baby
Lonesome For My Baby
2056 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
Chicken Shuffle
2057 The Marigolds Rollin' Stone
Why Don't You
2058 Arthur Gunter Honey Babe
No Happy Home
2059 Good Rockin' Sam Baby I'm Fool Proof
Thing-A-Ma Jig
2059 Kid King's Combo Baby I'm Fool Proof
Thing-A-Ma Jig
2060 The Solotones Front Page Blues
Pork And Beans
2061 The Marigolds Two Strangers
Love You Love You
2062 The Blues Rockets Calling All Cows
Johnnie Mae
2063 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers Can't Keep From Cryin'
Baby, Baby, What's Wrong
2064 Larry Birdsong It Won't Be This Way Always
You Won't Be Needin' Me
2065 Crown Prince Waterford Driftwood Blues
I'm Gonna Do Right
2066 Lightnin' Slim Lightnin' Blues
I Can't Be Successful
2067 The Rainbow Valley Boys Broken Hearted Means Nothing To You
2068 Jerry Mc Cain and his Upstarts That's What They Want
Courtin' In A Cadillac
2069 Ted Jarrett Love, Love, Love
Goofin' Off
2070 Good Rockin' Sam Funny Funny Feelin'
Don't Let Daddy Slow Walk You Down
2071 The Lindsey Brothers Big Hearted Joe
Let's Get Down To Business
2072 Earl Gaines A Long Time Ago
It's Drivin' Me Mad
2073 Arthur Gunter Trouble With My Baby
Baby You Better Listen
2074 Rudy Green Cool Lovin' Mama
My Mumblin' Baby
2075 Lightnin' Slim Sugar Plum
Just Made Twenty One
2076 Larry Birdsong Pleadin' For Love
You'll Never Never Know
2077 Johnny Angel Baby, I'm Confessin'
I Realise
2078 Johnny Bragg Foolish Me
Beyond The Clouds
2079 Jerry Mc Cain and his Upstarts If It Wasn't For My Baby
You Don't Love Me No More
2080 Lightnin' Slim Goin' Home
Wonderin' And Goin'
2081 Jerry Mc Cain and his Upstarts Things Ain't Right
Run Uncle John! Run
2082 Guitar Gable and the Musical Kings Congo Mombo
Life Problem
2083 Jackson Toombs Kiss-A-Me Quick
You're Just What It Takes
2084 Arthur Gunter Hear My Plea Baby
Love Has Got Me
2085 Guitar Red The Hot Potato
The Chili Pot
2086 Ole Sonny Boy You Better Change
Blues And Misery
2087 Sugar and Sweet I'll Be Good
Baby Come Back Home
2088 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers Please Understand
I Don't Need You Now
2089 Vince Monroe If I Had My Life To Live Over
Give It Up
2090 Rudy Green Queer Feelin'
Teeny Weeny Baby
2091 Johnny Bragg and the Marigolds It's You Darling It's You
Juke Box Rock'N'Roll
2092 Lonesome Sundown Leave My Money Alone
Lost Without Love
2093 Clarence Samuels Got No Place To Call My Own
Chicken Hearted Woman
2094 Guitar Gable with King Karl Irene
Guitar Rhumbo
2095 Lazy Lester I'm Gonna Leave You Baby
Lester's Stomp
2096 Lightnin' Slim Bad Luck And Trouble
Have Your Way
2097 Skinny Dynamo So Long So Long
Jingle Bell
2098 Little Al Little Lean Woman
No Jive
2099 Johnny Jano Havin' A Whole Lot Of Fun
I'd Make A Good Man For You
2100 Louis Brooks X-Cello Rock
B.R. Drag
2101 The Gladiolas Little Darlin'
Sweetheart Please Don't Go
2102 Lonesome Sundown My Home Is A Prison
Lonesome Whistler
2103 Jerry Mc Cain and his Upstarts My Next Door Neighbor
Trying To Please
2104 Lillian Offitt Miss You So
If You Only Knew
2105 Al Ferrier Hey Baby
I'm The Man
2106 Lightnin' Slim Mean Ole Lonesome Train
I'm Grown
2107 Lazy Lester They Call Me Lazy
Go Ahead
2108 Guitar Gable It's Hard But It's Fair
Cool, Calm, Collected
2109 Kid King's Combo Are You Sure
Hob Nob
2110 The Gladiolas Comin' Home To You
Run Run Little Joe
2111 Jerry Mc Cain and his Upstarts Listen Young Girls
Bad Credit
2112 Joe Hudson and the Rocking Dukes Baby Give Me A Chance
Ooh Wee Pretty Baby
2113 Slim Harpo I'm A King Bee
I Got Love If You Want It
2114 Billy Fortune Trapped
I'm Waiting
2115 The Rhythm Casters Love, Love Baby
Oh My Darling
2116 Lightnin' Slim I'm A Rollin' Stone
Love Me Mama
2117 Lonesome Sundown I've Got The Blues
Don't Say A Word
2118 Carol Fran Emmitt Lee
One Look At You Daddy
2119 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers Don't You Know
Gonna Stop Foolin' Myself
2120 The Gladiolas I Wanta Know
Hey Little Girl
2121 The Glad Rags Just One Love
My China Doll
2122 Guitar Gable Gumbo Mombo
What's The Matter With My Baby
2123 The Five Chums High School Affair
Give Me The Power
2124 Lillian Offitt Just Lonesome! Thats All
Darlin' I'll Forgive You
2125 Arthur Gunter Baby Can't You See
You're Always On My Mind
2126 Cliff Butler and Eddie Hudson Lover's Plea
Shame On You
2127 Jerry Mc Cain and his Upstarts Groom Without A Bride
The Jig's Up
2128 Little Al Every Day Brings About A Change
Easy Ridin' Buggy
2129 Lazy Lester I Told My Little Woman
Tell Me Pretty Baby
2130 The Seniors Sloo Foot Soo
Why Did You Leave Me
2131 Lightnin' Slim Hoo Doo Blues
It's Mighty Crazy
2132 Lonesome Sundown Lonely Lonely Me
I'm A Mojo Man
2133 Carol Fran I Quit My Knockin'
If We Should Meet Again
2134 Classie Ballou Hey! Partner
Dream Love
2135 Eddie Hudson That Long Lost Baby
She's Sugar Sweet
2136 The Gladiolas Shoop Shoop
Say You'll Be Mine
2137 Arthur Gunter Ludella
We're Gonna Shake
2138 Slim Harpo Wonderin' And Worrin'
Strange Love
2139 Lillian Offitt Can't Go On
Darlin Please Don't Change
2140 Guitar Gable with King Karl Have Mercy On Me
Walking In The Park
2141 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers Overton Lea Drive
2142 Lightnin' Slim My Starter Won't Work
Long Leanie Mama
2143 Lazy Lester I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
Sugar Coated Love
2144 Leroy Washington Be Kind
Wild Cherry
2145 Lonesome Sundown Don't Go
I Stood By
2146 Roscoe Shelton Something's Wrong
Crazy Over You
2147 Arthur Gunter Don't Leave Me Now
Crazy Me
2148 Steve Colley Take A Key
Pack Your Bags
2149 Jay Nelson and the Jumpers Sleepy Time Rock
A Fool That Was Blind
2150 Lightnin' Slim I'm Leavin' You
Feelin' Awful Blue
2151 Clyde Terrell My One Desire
Poor Folk
2152 The Themes The Magic Of You
Yes That's Love
2153 Guitar Gable This Should Go On Forever
Please Operator
2154 Lonesome Sundown You Know I Love You
No Use To Worry
2155 Lazy Lester I Hear You Knockin'
Through The Goodness Of My Heart
2156 Carol Fran Knock Knock
Emmit Lee's Come Back
2157 King Karl So In Need Of Someone
I Knew It Was Love
2158 Eddie Williams It's Love Pretty Baby
You Broke Your Vows
2159 Louis Brooks and his Hi-Toppers Bus Station Blues
Rollin' Home
2160 Lightnin Slim Sweet Little Woman
Lightnin's Troubles
2161 Leroy Washington My Chinatown Gal
Gimmie My Rights (When I'm Not Wrong)
2162 Slim Harpo You'll Be Sorry One Day
One More Day
2163 Lonesome Sundown If You See My Baby
Gonna Stick To You Baby
2164 Arthur Gunter No Naggin' No Draggin'
I Want Her Back
2165 Jay Nelson and the Jumpers Wild Love
To You My Darling
2166 Lazy Lester I Love You, I Need You
Late, Late In The Evening
2167 Roscoe Shelton Pleading For Love
Please Think It Over
2168 The King Crooners Now That She's Gone
Won't You Let Me Know
2169 Lightnin Slim Rooster Blues
G.I. Slim
2170 Roscoe Shelton Say You Really Care
It's My Fault
2171 Slim Harpo Buzz Me Baby
Late Last Night
2172 Leroy Washington My True Life
Why Should I Cry
2173 Lightnin Slim Tom Cat Blues
Bed Bug Blues
2174 Lonesome Sundown Love Me Now
Learn To Treat Me Better
2175 Carol Fran One More Chance
Hold Me
2176 Roscoe Shelton I've Been Faithful
We've Been Wrong
2177 Ralph Harris Who's To Blame
She Might
2178 Jay Nelson Don't You Want A Man Like Me
Rocks Me All Night Long
2179 Lightnin' Slim Too Close Blues
My Little Angel Chile
2180 Eddie Williams It's Too Late Baby
Walking Alone
2181 Roscoe Shelton Let Me Believe In You
Miss You So
2182 Lazy Lester Bye Bye Baby (Gonna Call It Gone)
A Real Combination For Love
2183 Larry Birdsong I'll Be What You Want Me To Be
It's All Over Now
2184 Slim Harpo Blues Hang-Over
What A Dream
2185 Kid King's Combo Shaggy Dog
2186 Lightnin' Slim Cool Down Baby
Nothin' But The Devil
2187 Little Rico Memoirs
School Daze
2187 The King Crooners Memoirs
School Daze
2188 Skippy Brooks and his Combo Doing The Horse
Dim Lights
2189 Tony De Grant Wherever I May Go
You Told Another Lie
2190 Ralph Harris It Had To Be Me
Do Me A Favor
2191 Arthur Gunter Little Blue Jeans Woman
Mind Your Own Business Babe
2192 Roscoe Shelton Is It Too Late Babe
Baby Look What You've Done
2193 Hooks Coleman Fine Young Girl
Teenage Baby
2194 Slim Harpo Rainin' In My Heart
Don't Start Cryin' Now
2195 Lightnin' Slim I Just Don't Know
Somebody Knockin'
2196 Lattimore Brown Darlin' Dear
Somebody Gonna Miss Me
2197 Lazy Lester Patrol Blues
You Got Me Where You Want Me
2198 Roscoe Shelton I Was Wrong Played With Love
Baby It's True
2199 Al Garner You Must Be Crazy
I Wonder
2200 Charles Sheffield It's Your Voodoo
Rock'n'Roll Train
2201 Arthur Gunter My Heart's Always Lonesome
Love's Got Me
2202 Lonesome Sundown Lonesome Lonely Blues
I'm Glad She's Mine
2203 Lightnin Slim I'm Tired Waitin' Baby
Hello Mary Lee
2204 Arthur Gunter Who Will Ever Move Me From You
Workin' For My Baby
2205 Charles Sheffield I Would Be A Singer
2206 Lazy Lester I'm So Glad
Whoah Now
2207 Sonny Martin Air Force - U.S. Navy
Life Will Be So Hard To Bear
2208 Al Garner Disgusted
Scout For General Lee
2209 Little Sonny Love Shock
I'll Love You Baby
2210 Chuck Brown Lead Me To Lover's Land
Hard Times At My Door
2211 Baby Boy Warren Not Welcome Anymore
2212 Tabby Thomas Hoodoo Party
Roll On Ole Mule
2213 Lonesome Sundown My Home Ain't Here
I Woke Up Cryin'
2214 Chuck Brown The Moon Without You
On No Love
2215 Lightnin' Slim Mind Your Own Business
You're Old Enough To Understand
2216 Robert Garrett Quit My Drinkin'
Do Remember
2217 Earl Gaines It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
Please Love Me
2218 Lionel Torrence Saka
Flim Flam
2219 Lazy Lester If You Think I've Lost You
I'm So Tired
2220 Jimmy Anderson Naggin'
Nothing In This World
2221 Silas Hogan You're Too Late Baby
Trouble At Home Blues
2222 Tabby Thomas He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Popeye Train
2223 Sally Stanley I'll Have To Let You Go
What It Means To Be Lonely
2224 Lightnin' Slim I'm Warning You Baby
Winter Time Blues
2225 Bobby Jay Red Sails In The Sunset
Tell Me Now
2226 Little Florence Miss You So
I'd Be The Last To Know
2227 Jimmy Anderson Going Through The Park
I'm A King Bee
2228 Lightnin' Slim I'm Evil
If You Ever Need Me
2229 Sally Stanley I'm Packing Up
You're A Mistreater
2230 Lazy Lester Lonesome Highway Blues
I Made Up My Mind
2231 Silas Hogan Airport Blues
I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby
2232 Whispering Smith Mean Woman Blues
Hound Dog Twist
2233 Marva Allen He's Gone
I'm Thru With You
2234 Lightnin' Slim You Know You're So Fine
Lovin' Around The Clock
2235 Lazy Lester You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby
Strange Things Happen
2236 Lonesome Sundown When I Had, I Didn't Need
I'm A Samplin' Man
2237 Whispering Smith Don't Leave Me Baby
Live Jive
2238 Sally Stanley Hello Heartaches
I Know I'm Losing Something
2239 Slim Harpo I Love The Life I'm Livin'
2240 Lightnin' Slim Blues At Night
Don't Mistreat Me Baby
2241 Silas Hogan I'm Goin' In The Valley
Lonesome La La
2242 Lonesome Sundown Guardian Angel
I Wanta Know Why
2243 Lazy Lester A Word About A Woman
The Same Thing Could Happen To You
2244 Sweet Clifford Baby Just What Is Wrong
Just A Lonely
2245 Lightnin' Slim The Strangest Feelin'
You Give Me The Blues
2246 Slim Harpo Little Queen Bee
I Need Money
2247 Theresa Blake I Quit My Knockin'
Can't You See
2248 Leon Austin I'm Not Worried
I'm So Glad
2249 Lonesome Sundown I Had A Dream Last Night
Got A Broken Heart
2250 Whispering Smith Cryin' Blues
I Tried So Hard
2251 Silas Hogan Dark Clouds Rollin'
I'm In Love With You Baby
2252 Lightnin' Slim Greyhound Blues
She's My Crazy Little Baby
2253 Slim Harpo Still Rainin' In My Heart
We're Two Of A Kind
2254 Lonesome Sundown You're Playin' Hookey
Please Be On The 519
2255 Silas Hogan Everybody Needs Somebody
Just Give Me A Chance
2256 Joe Mayfield How's Things With You
I'm On The Move
2257 Jimmy Anderson Goin' Crazy Over T.V.
Love Me Babe
2258 Lightnin' Slim Baby Please Come Home
You Move Me Baby
2259 Lonesome Sundown Hoo Doo Woman Blues
I'm Gonna Cut Out On You
2260 Whispering Smith I Can't Take It No More
Baby You're Mine
2261 Slim Harpo Sittin' Here Wondering
What's Goin' On Baby
2262 Lightnin' Slim Have Mercy On Me Baby
I've Been A Fool For You Darling
2263 Sweet Clifford Baby Kiss Me Again
Things Gotta Get Better
2264 Lonesome Sundown It's Easy When You Know How
Gonna Miss You When You're Gone
2265 Slim Harpo Harpo's Blues
Please Don't Turn Me Down
2266 Silas Hogan Baby Please Come Back
Out And Down Blues
2267 Lightnin' Slim Can't Live This Life No More
Bad Luck Blues
2268 Jerry Mc Cain Courtin' In A Cadillac
Calling All Cows
2268 The Blues Rockers Courtin' In A Cadillac
Calling All Cows
2269 Lightnin' Slim Don't Start Me To Talkin'
Darling You're The One
2270 Silas Hogan Every Saturday Night
So Long Blues
2271 Silas Hogan Early One Morning
If I Ever Needed You Baby
2272 Lightnin' Slim Love Is A Gamble
I Hate To See You Leave
2273 Slim Harpo Baby Scratch My Back
I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)
2274 Lazy Lester Take Me In Your Arms
You Better Listen
2275 Charles Friday Baby I'm Stickin To You
Five Minutes More
2276 Lightnin' Slim Just A Lonely Stranger
Goin' Away Blues
2277 Lazy Lester Because She's Gone
Ponderosa Stomp - Instrumental
2278 Slim Harpo Shake Your Hips
Midnight Blues
2279 Shy Guy Douglas Long Gone
No Point In Crying
2280 Marion James That's My Man
Give Me Your Love
2281 Tab Thomas Play Girl
Keep On Trying
2282 Slim Harpo I'm Your Bread Maker, Baby
Loving You
2283 Mildred Wood Don't Let Anybody Know
Waited So Long
2284 The Exotics Boogaloo Investigator
I'm Gonna Never Stop Loving You
2285 Slim Harpo Tip On In - Part 1
Tip On In - Part 2
2286 The Kelly Brothers You Put Your Touch On Me
Hanging In Ther
2287 Tiny Watkins Soldier's Sad Story
Love Flows Like A River
2288 Kip Anderson You'll Lose A Good Thing
I'm Out Of Love
2289 Slim Harpo I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got
I've Got To Be With You Tonight
2290 The Kelly Brothers That's What You Mean To Me
Comin' On In
2291 Frank Howard Smokey Places
2292 The Exotics Try To Build A Love Affair
Let Me Be A Part Of You
2293 Stacy Lane African Twist
I'm Out To Win You Over
2293 Stacy Lane African Twist
African Twist
2294 Slim Harpo Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu
Mailbox Blues
2295 The Kelly Brothers Haven't I Been Good To You
If It Wasn't For Your Love
2296 The Avons He's My Hero
Now That I've Met You Baby
2297 Roger Hatcher I'm Gonna Dedicate My Song To You
Sweetest Girl In The World
2298 Kip Anderson Watch You Work It Out
Letter From My Darling
2299 Tiny Watkins Way Across Town
Give Me Flowers
2300 The Kelly Brothers The Sound OF A Cryin' Man
It Takes Two
2301 Slim Harpo Mohair Sam
I Just Can't Leave You
2302 Stacy Lane No Brags, Just Facts
Funky Little Train
2303 Kip Anderson I Went Off And Cried
That's All I Can Do
2304 Tiny Watkins Fine Driving Machine
Forbidden Fruit
2305 Slim Harpo That's Why I Love You
Just For You
2306 Slim Harpo Folsom Prison Blues
Mutual Friend
2307 The Firebirds Soul Sonata
I Just Don't Believe You
2308 The Kelly Brothers Crystal Blue Persuasion
My Baby Loves Me
2309 Slim Harpo The Price Is Too High
I've Got My Finger On The Trigger
2310 Willie Hatcher Tell Me So
Who's Got A Woman Like Me
2311 The Solicitors Acid
Music For Brothers
2312 Willie Baker Don't Let Nobody Know
Hey Baby
2313 Bennie Shaw I Need Love (Like I Used To Have)
What Price For Love
2314 The Kelly Brothers Not Enough Action
That's How Much I Know My Baby Loves Me
2315 Arthur Guitar Kelley Number 10 At The Station, Number 12 Is On The Road
How Can I Stay
2316 Slim Harpo Jody Man
Raining In My Heart
2317 The Solicitors Long Journey
Do It Like You Feel It
2318 Lee Bracket Save A Foolish Man
2319 Ron Douglas I'm In Love
Love Is Here
2320 Lightnin' Slim Good Morning Heartaches
My Babe
2321 Marva Whitney Daddy Don't Know About Sugar Beets
We Need More (But Somebody Gotta Sacrifice)
2322 Arthur Freeman Played Out Play Girl
Here I Am
2323 Ron Douglas Trust In Me
Be The One For Me
2324 Jimmy Dawkins Things I Used To Do
Put It On The Hawg
2325 Maceo and All The King's Men A Funky Tale To Tell
2326 Bobby Powell Your Good, Good Loving
All These Things Made You Mine
2327 Jerry Washington In My Life I've Loved
Right Here
2328 Marva Whitney Don't Let Our Love Fade Away
Live And Let Live
2329 Otis Spann Bloody Murder
Blues For Hippies
2330 Roshell Anderson Snake Out Of Green Grass - Part 1
Snake Out Of Green Grass - Part 2
2331 Bobby Powell Nothing Takes The Place Of You
Wake Up People
2332 Lee Webber Your Love's So Good
Seventh Son
2333 Jerry Washington I Won't Leave You Hanging
I Come A Long Ways
2334 Jimmy Dawkins High Cost Of Living
1011 Woodland
2335 Rose Davis Sittin' And Drinking
Yes I've Been Crying
2336 Jerry Washington Let Me Love You Right Or Wrong
Baby Don't Leave Me
2337 Rose Davis Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
That's Enough
2338 Whispering Smith Why Am I Treated So Bad
It's All Over
2339 Bobby Powell Your Good, Good Loving
I'm Going To Win Her Love
2340 Jerry Washington Let Me Get Close To You
Your Soul On Fire
2341 Bobby Powell Thank You
C.C. Rider
2342 Eugene Kemp No Pity In The City
The Power Is Gone
2343 Bobby Powell Crazy Love
Her Love Is All I Need
2344 The Ingram Family The Funk Lies In Our Music
She's All Alone (I Need A Man)
2345 Ureaus Let Our Music Make Love To You - Part 1
Let Our Music Make Love To You - Part 2
2346 Deep Heat Precious Woman
Kozz (Let It Come This Feelin' Of Love)