Discography for Folk Star Records
100 Iry Le Jeune and his Playboys Lacassine Special
Calcasieu Waltz
101 Iry Le Jeune The Che Special
Te Mone
102 Joe Manuel Since The Age Of 14
Your Papa Threw Me Out
103 James Freeman Her Lover Man
About This Time Every Day
104 Sanders Stanford I've Started For Jesus
I'm Bound For Kingdom Land
108 Pee Wee Lyons and Trio It's Easy To Lie
When I Lost You
1130 Clarence Garlow Za Belle
1131 King Charles and his Orchestra Bop Cat Stomp
1193 James Stewart The Price Of Loving You
I Can't Speek English
1196 James Freeman & the Rockin' Rhythms Come Back Home To Me
Big Leg Mama
1197 Boozoo Chavis Paper In My Shoe
Boozoo Stomp
1200 Chester Randall It's A Dirty Deal
Way Down Under Blues
1201 Boozoo Chavis Forty One Days
Bye Bye Catin
1203 Buck Wheat Take Two Steps
1204 Popeye Broussard Hole In The Wall
Heartbroken Lips
1296 James Freeman & the Rockin' Rhythms Big Leg Mama