EAB Records - Lewiston, Maine, owner Edward A. Boucher
Eagle Records
Eagle International Records
Eastbound Records - 1970s label - distributed by Janus Records
Eastern Records - 1960s label
East West Records
100 series - 1950's label - division of Atlantic Records
Ebb Records - late 1950s label
Ecology Records - distributed by Motown Records - 1 record
Edison International Records - late 1950s label
Ekko Records - mid 1950s label
Eldo Records - 1960s label
El Dorado Records
Elektra Records
Elektra Records - UK - EKSN series
Elektra Records - US - see Asylum/Elektra Records
Elf Records - 1960s label
Elgin Records - see Drum/Elgin Records
Elsan Records - very small label
Embassy Records - UK
Ember Records
Ember Records - OZ - see W&G Records
Ember Records - UK
Ember Records - US - subsidiary of Herald Records
Emerald Records
Emerald Records - UK - subsidiary of Decca Records
Emerald Records - US - at least 2 labels
EMI Records - OZ
Empress Records - early 1960s label
End Records - late 1950s to mid 1960s label
Enjoy Records - 1960s label
Enrica Records - small New York City label
Ensign Records - see Keen/Andex/Ensign Records
Enterprise Records
Epic Records
Epic Records - OZ - subsidiary of CBS Records
Epic Records - US - subsidiary of CBS Records
Equinox Records
ERA Records - 1955-1970
Erect Records - very small label
Ermine Records
Eskee Records - small NYC label distributed by Bell Records
Essex Records - 1950s label
Esta Records
Etiquette Records
Euam Records - very small Milford, Mass. label
Event Records
Event Records - 3300 series
Event Records - 4200 series - late 1950's Boston label
Everest Records
Everlast Records

Everybody's Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Evolution Records
Excello Records - division of Nashboro Records
Zil Records - subsidiary of Excello Records
Exit Records - see Mah's/Exit Records

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