Fabor Records
Fairlane Records
Falcon/Abner Records
Fable/Bootleg Records - OZ
Fairmount Records
Fame Records
Family Productions Records - 1970s label
Fantasy Records
Fantasy Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Fantasy Records - US
Fargo Records
Faro Records
Farr Records
Fat Fish Records - small 1960s label
Feature Records
Federal Records  - distributed by King Records
Fedora Records
Fee Bee/Star Records
Felsted Records
Felsted Records - UK
Felsted Records - US
Ferko Records
Fern Records
Fernwood Records
  - Memphis, Tenn. label
Fernwood Records - Norfolk, Virginia label
Ferus Records - very small Brooklyn, NY label
Festival Records - OZ
Festival Records - OZ - EPs
Top Rank Records - TRS series - distributed by Festival
Fidelity Records - Art Rupes label
Fidelity Records - Witchita Falls, Texas label
Filmways Records
Finch Records - very small New York City label
Finer Arts Records - 1960s label
Finesse Records - very small New York City label
Fire Records - subsidiary of Fury Records

Flair Records - 1950s label
Flair-X Records - small New York City label
Flash Records
Flash Records - Texas label
Fleetwood Records - Boston, MA label
Fleetwood Records - small New York City label
Hudson Records - division of Fleetwood Records
Fling Records
Flip Records
Folk Star Records - subsidiary of Goldband Records

Fontana Records

Fontana Records - OZ
Fontana Records - UK
Page One Records - distributed by Fontana Records
Fontana Records - US
1700-1800 series - part of Smash Records
1500-1600 series - follows the 1700-1800 series
Fortune Records - distributed by United Artists Records
Forward Records - see American International Records for 142, 150, 152
4 Star Records - distributed by King Records

Fraternity Records
Frisco Records - 1960's New Orleans label
FTP Records - small New York City label
Full Moon Records - see Asylum/Elektra Records
Harvey Fuqua and Gwen Gordy Fuqua labels
Harvey Records
Tri-Phi Records
Fury Records
      Fire Records
- subsidiary of Fury Records

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