R-Dell Records - see Aardell/R-Dell Records
Radio Records
Rag Baby Records - OZ - only one issued K-7923 - see Festival Records "main K series"
Rainbird Records - OZ - see Fable/Bootleg Records
Rainbow Records
Rama Records
Ramco Records
Ramrod Records - OZ
Ranwood Records
Rare Earth Records - subsidiary of Motown Records
Razorback Records
Razzle Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
RCA Records
RCA Records - OZ
RCA Records - UK
RCA Records - US
RCA Records - 40 prefix series -  78s - includes Hot Jazz
RCA Records - 47 prefix series - Popular mono

RCA Records - 48 prefix series - Country
RCA Records - 50 prefix series - R&B
Grunt Records - 65 prefix series
Wooden Nickel - 73 prefix series
"X"/Vik Records - subsidiary of RCA Records
Recorte Records
Red Bird Records
Red Robin Records
Reed Records - see Jolar Records
Ref-O-Ree Records
Regal Records

Regal Zonophone Records
Regal Zonophone Records - OZ
Regal Zonophone Records - UK
Regency Records - CA - subsidiary of Phonodisc
Reg Grundy
Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Regina Records
Regular Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"

Reissue labels
ABC Records
Atlantic Oldies Series
Capitol Starline
Columbia Hall of Fame
Epic Memory Lane
Eric Records
Flashback Records
Golden Goodies Records - mostly on the Roulette label
Liberty Records - 54000 series
Lost-Nite Records
MCA Records - 60000 & 65000 series
Oldies 45 Records
Radio Active Gold
RCA Gold Standard
Roulette Golden Goodies - see Golden Goodies
Sun Golden Treasures
Trip Records
Warner Brothers
Rendezvous Records
Renner Records
Reo Records - CA - subsidiary of Quality Records
Reprise Records
Republic Records
Rev Records
Revilot Records - small Detroit label
owned by Lebaron Taylor
Solid Hit Records - subsidiary of Revilot Records
Rex Records
Rex Records - OZ
Rex Records - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Rex Records - US
RG Records (Reg Grundy) - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Rhino Records - UK - Reggae
Ribbon Records
RIC Records - Recording Industries Corporation
Ric Records
Ric-Tic Records - Detroit label owned by Ed Wingate

Rim Records
Rising Sons Records
Rita Records
Ritz Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Riviera Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Roadshow Records - OZ - see RCA Records
Robbee Records
Rocket Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
Rocko Records
Rodeo Records - OZ - distributed by ARC
Rona Records
Ronn Records - division of Jewel Records
Rori Records
Roulette Records
Roulette Records - OZ
Roulette Records - US
Gee Records - division of Roulette Records
Golden Goodies - reissues
Royal Roost Records
RPC Records - Record Producers Corporation - a Joe Leahy label - 8 singles
RPM Records
Ruby Records
Rust Records - subsidiary of Laurie Records
LeGrand Records - distributed by Rust Records
Ruth Records - Ollie McLaughlin (Detroit) label - 1 release

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