Wand Records
Wanger Records
Warner Brothers Records
Warner Brothers Records - OZ
Warner Brothers Records - US
Warwick/Trans Atlas Records
W&G Records (White & Gillespie) - OZ
Way Out Records - some distributed by M-G-M Records
Wheelsville Records - subsidiary of D-Town Records
Whippet Records
Whirlin' Disc Records - includes matrix numbers
White Whale Records
White Whale Records - OZ - also see Festival Records "main K series"
White Whale Records - US
Whittier Records
Whiz Masters Records
Wing Records
Wing Records - OZ - subsidiary of Mercury Records
Wing Records - US - subsidiary of Mercury Records
WinGate Records - subsidiary of Golden World Records
Ed Wingate labels (Detroit)
Golden World Records
Maltese Records
Ric-Tic Records
WinGate Records
Winley Records
Winro Records - see American International Records for 147
Wooden Nickel Records
Wooden Nickel Records - OZ - see RCA Records
Wooden Nickel Records - US - subsidiary of RCA Records
Workshop Jazz Records - subsidiary of Motown Records
World Artists Records
World Pacific Records - see Pacific Jazz/World Pacific Records
Wye Records
Wynne Records - late 1950s label

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