Discography for Modern Records
532 Smokey Hogg Too Many Drivers
Country Girl
556 Smokey Hogg Unemployment Blues
Skinny Leg Woman
563 Smokey Hogg Anytime Is The Right Time
Where Did My Boogie Go
574 Smokey Hogg I Feel Good
Long Tall Mama
596 Smokey Hogg Worryin' Over You
Jivin' Little Woman
606 Smokey Hogg Golden Diamond Blues
Oh Woman Oh Woman
615 Smokey Hogg Be My So and So
My Baby Is Worryin' Me
624 Peewee Crayton Blues After Hours
I'm Still In Love With You
627 John Lee Hooker Boogie Chillun
Sallie Mae
630 Smokey Hogg My Christmas Baby
New Year's Eve Blues
643 Peewee Crayton Texas Hop
Central Avenue Blues
653 Floyd Dixon Helen
Dallas Blues
655 Sylvester Cotton Sak-Relation Blues
Ugly Woman Blues
658 Peewee Crayton Bop Hop
Rock Island Blues
663 John Lee Hooker Hobo Blues
Hoogie Boogie
664 Floyd Dixon Till I Grow Old
That'll Cut It
667 Smokey Hogg I'm Gonna Find Your Trick
Who's Heah
672 Joe Lutcher Mardi Gras
675 Peewee Crayton When Darkness Falls
I Love You So
686 Little Willie Littlefield Midnight Whistle
It's Midnight
688 John Lee Hooker Weeping Willow
Whistlin' and Moanin' Blues
700 Floyd Dixon Mississippi Blues
Drafting Blues
704 Smokey Hogg Little School Girl
Suitcase Blues
707 Peewee Crayton Long After Hours
Brand New Woman
709 Little Willie Littlefield Farewell
Drinkin' Hadacol
710 Jesse Thomas Texas Blues
Gonna Write You A Letter
714 John Lee Hooker Crawlin' Kingsnake
Driftin' From Door to Door
715 Little Esther and Johnny Otis I Gotta Guy
Thursday Night Blues
716 Little Willie Littlefield Merry Christmas
Come On Baby
719 Peewee Crayton Old Fashioned Baby
Bounce Peewee
720 Roy Hawkins Sleepless Nights
Mistreatin' Baby
721 Jimmy Witherspoon No Rollin' Blues
Big Fine Gal
722 Jimmy Mc Cracklin Beer Drinkin' Woman
Up and Down Blues
724 Floyd Dixon Milky White Way
Precious Lord
725 Floyd Dixon Cow Town
Forever and Ever
726 Little Willie Littlefield The Moon Is Rising
727 Floyd Dixon Gloomy Baby
Roamin' Around
728 Jimmy Mc Cracklin I Think My Time Is Here
Deceiving Blues
729 Little Willie Littlefield Rockin' Chair Mama
Your Love Wasn't So
730 John Lee Hooker Playin' The Races
I'm A Howlin' Wolf
731 Charles Brown I'll Get Along Somehow
What Do You Know About Love
732 Peewee Crayton Rockin' The Blues
Please Come Back
733 Gene Phillips and Jack Mc Vea See See Rider
Slippin' and Slidin'
734 Roy Hawkins Royal Hawk
Why Do Things Happen To Me
735 Smokey Hogg Everybody Got A Racket
What More Can A Woman Do
737 Jimmy Witherspoon Drinking Beer
Hard Workin' Blues
741 Jimmy Mc Cracklin Gotta Cut Out
Bad Health Blues
742 Peewee Crayton Some Rainy Day
Huckle Boogie
743 Gene Phillips and Jack Mc Vea To Each His Own
744 Floyd Dixon People Like Me
Shuffle Blues
746 John Lee Hooker No Friend Around
747 Little Willie Littlefield Tell Me Baby
Why Leave Me Alone
748 Little Esther and Johnny Otis Mean Old Gal
Good Old Blues
750 Joe Fritz Wrong Doin' Woman
If I Be Lucky
751 Lil Greenwood Heart Full Of Pain
752 Roy Hawkins On My Way
Where You Been
753 Herb Fisher This Is My Story
I'm Yours To Keep
754 Little Willie Littlefield Cheerful Baby
Happy Pay Day
755 Herb Fisher They'll Be Here
People Have Money
757 Lil Greenwood Ain't Gonna Cry
Come Back Baby
758 Smokey Hogg The Way You Treat Me
You're Gonna Look Like A Monkey
761 Floyd Dixon I'll Be Lonely
It's Getting Foggy
762 Jimmy Mc Cracklin Rockin' All Day
Just Won't Let Her Go
763 Peewee Crayton Louella Brown
Answer To Blues After Hours
764 Jimmy Witherspoon Doctor Blues
Don't Ever Move A Woman Into Your House
765 Roy Hawkins Wine Drinkin' Woman
My Temper Is Rising
766 Hadda Brooks Lazy Boogie
Can You Look Me In The Eye
767 John Lee Hooker Rock and Roll
Give Me Your Phone Number
768 Charles Brown Nutmeg
What Do You Know About Love
769 Hadda Brooks Linger Awhile
This Time We're Through
770 Smokey Hogg Classification Blues
You Brought It On Yourself
771 Lil Greenwood Dissatisfied Blues
I'm Going Crazy
772 Jimmy Witherspoon Falling By Degrees
New Orleans Woman
773 Edna Broughton Two Years of Torture
Too Many Women
774 Peewee Crayton Good Little Woman
Dedicating The Blues
775 Little Willie Littlefield Hit The Road
Trouble All Around Me
776 Floyd Dixon Playboy Blues
Baby Come Home
777 Roy Hawkins Just A Poor Boy
You Had a Good Man
779 Helen Humes Million Dollar Secret
I'm Gonna Let Him Ride
781 Little Willie Littlefield You Never Miss A Good Woman Till She's Gone
Ain't A Better Story
782 Jimmy Witherspoon I'm Just A Country Boy
There Ain't Nothing Better
783 Smokey Hogg Possum Hunt
Let's Get Together and Drink Some Gin
784 Herb Fisher Too Many Fish In The Sea
Don't Take Me Away
785 Little Willie Littlefield Merry Christmas
Come On Baby
786 Edna Broughton Ooh Wee Baby
Trouble Trouble
787 Hadda Brooks White Christmas
Silent Night
790 John Lee Hooker Let Your Daddy Ride
One More Time
791 Maxwell Davis Boogie Cocktail
Belmont Special
792 June Barton Lovesick Blues
793 Jimmy Witherspoon Once There Lived a Fool
I'm Just A Ladies Man
794 Roy Hawkins Blues All Around
Mean Little Girl
795 Joe Hill Louis I Feel Like a Million
Heartache Baby
796 Peewee Crayton Tired of Traveling
Change Your Way of Loving
797 Floyd Dixon Doin' The Town
You Made A Fool Out of Me
801 Little Willie Littlefield Once Was Lucky
I've Been Lost
802 Smokey Hogg Smokey's Back In Town
Late Prowlin' Gal
804 Hadda Brooks Keep Your Hands On Your Heart
Let's Be Sweethearts Again
806 Jimmy Witherspoon Going Around In Circles
You Can't Kiss A Dream Goodnight
808 Jimmy Witherspoon Ain't Nobody's Business
I Gotta Gal Live Up On A Hill
809 Mumbles Horton Little Boy Blue
Now Tell Me Baby
810 Herb Fisher Doggone Shame
Don't Want Nobody Else
811 Lilli Greenwood Young Blood
Sittin' and Wonderin'
812 Roy Hawkins I'm Never Satisfied
You're The Sweetest Thing
813 Joe Hill Louis Boogie In The Park
Cold Cold Chills
814 John Lee Hooker John Lee's House Rent Boogie
Queen Bee
815 Smokey Hogg Sleepless Blues
816 Peewee Crayton Poppa Stoppa
Thinking of You
817 Ira Amos What Have You Been Doing To Me
Blue and Disgusted
818 Richard Lewis and the Barons Believe In Me
822 Joe Hill Louis Walkin' Talkin' Blues
Street Walkin' Woman
823 Herb Fisher Baby Please Don't Cry
Wine Wine Wine
826 Roy Hawkins The Thrill Is Gone
Trouble Makin' Woman
828 Joe Hill Louis Eyesight to the Blind
Going Down Slow
829 John Lee Hooker I'm In The Mood
How Can You Do It
830 Joe Houston Blow Joe Blow
831 Dick Cole with Phinus Newborn Tennessee Bounce
Fine As Wine
832 Ramp Davis Bayou Dance
The Blues Has Got Me
833 Smokey Hogg Country Gal
Too Many Drivers
834 Johnny Ingram Mr. T-99
What's Up
835 John Lee Hooker I'm In The Mood
How Can You Do It
836 Jimmy Witherspoon Fickle Woman
I Done Found Out
837 Little Willie Littlefield Lump in my Throat
Mean Mean Woman
839 Joe Hill Louis Gotta Go Baby
Big Legged Woman
840 Lil' Son Jackson Talkin' Boogie
Milford Blues
842 Roy Hawkins I Walk Alone
Gloom and Misery All Around
843 Rev C.C. Chapman & Faith Temple Cho On My Way (Part 1)
On My Way (Part 2)
844 Smokey Hogg Patrol Wagon Blues
You've Been Gone Too Long
845 Jimmy Witherspoon I'm Just Wonderin' (Part 1)
I'm Just Wonderin' (Part 2)
847 John Lee Hooker Anybody Seen My Baby
Turn Over A New Leaf
849 Driftin' Slim My Little Machine
Down South Blues
850 Joe Houston Have A Ball
Houston Hot House
851 Helen Humes I Ain't In The Mood
Living My Life My Way
852 John Lee Hooker Louise
Ground Hog Blues
853 Roy Hawkins You're A Free Little Girl
I Don't Know Just What To Do
854 Little Willie Littlefield A Life of Trouble
Too Late For Me
856 Joe Hill Louis Peace of Mind
Chocolate Blonde
857 Jimmy Witherspoon The Wind Is Blowin'
Would My Baby Make A Change
859 Roy Hawkins Highway 59
Would You
860 Boyd Gilmore Ramblin' On My Mind
Just An Army Boy
862 John Lee Hooker Rock Me Mama
Cold Chills All Over Me
864 Little Junior and the Blue Flames You're My Angel
Bad Women, Bad Whiskey
869 Roy Hawkins The Thrill Hunt
Doin' All Right
870 Jimmy Lee and Artis My Heart's Desire
871 Ben Burton Bee Hive Boogie
872 Boyd Gilmore All In My Dreams
Take A Walk With Me
875 Jimmy Giuffre Big Boy (Part 1)
Big Boy (Part 2)
876 John Lee Hooker It Hurts Me So
I Got My Eye On You
877 Jimmy Witherspoon Daddy Pinocchio
Love My Baby
878 Charley Booker Charley's Boogie Woogie
Moonlight Blues
879 Joe Houston Boogie Woogie Woman
Dig It
880 Mary Sue Love Is A Gamble
Everybody's Talking
881 Johnny Moore's Three Blazers My Song
It's Rough - vocals - Mari Jones
882 Baby Face Turner Blue Serenade
Gonna Let You Go
883 Ray Agee Flirtin' Blues
It's Bedtime Baby
884 Smokey Hogg Highway 51
Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes
885 Jimmy Lee and Artis Let's Talk It Over Baby
886 John Lee Hooker Keys To The Highway
Bluebird Blues
887 Jay Franks Trying
Crying Blues
888 Mari Jones & Johnny Moore's 3 Blaze Lonesome Train
Johnny Johnny
890 Cliff Bivins Make Love To Me
Please Don't Leave Me
891 Ray Agee No More Blue Shadows Falling
My Lonesome Days Are Gone
892 Peewee Crayton Cool Evening
Have You Lost Your Love For Me
893 John Lee Hooker New Boogie Chillun
I Tried
893 Sylvester Cotton I Tried
894 Ben Burton Lover's Blues
Cherokee Boogie
895 Jimmy Witherspoon Baby Baby
Slow Your Speed
896 Smokey Hogg Too Late Old Man
River Hips Mama
897 John Lee Hooker It's Been A Long Time
898 Roy Hawkins Bad Luck Fallin'
The Condition I'm In
899 Jimmy Lee and Artis All Right Baby
Why Do You Make Me Feel So Blue
901 John Lee Hooker Ride Till I Die
Stormin' And Rainin'
902 Oscar Mc Lollie The Honey Jump - Part 1
The Honey Jump - Part 2
903 Jimmy Witherspoon Each Step Of The Way
Let Jesus Fix It For You
904 Little Ruth Witness
Lord Keep Your Hand On Mine
905 Lucky Enois Quintet Crazy Man Crazy
Zig Zag Ziggin'
907 Jimmy Lee and Artis That's Fat Jack
That's What Love Can Do
908 John Lee Hooker Please Take Me Back
Love Money Can't Buy
909 Jimmy Witherspoon Oh Mother Dear Mother
I'll Be Right On Down
910 Johnny Moore's Three Blazers Dragnet Blues
Playing Numbers - voc Frankie Ervin
911 Johnny Moore's Three Blazers In The Home
Old Worry
913 Lawrence Stone I'll Surrender Anytime
Please Remember Me
914 Eddie Townes On The Bottom
Trials And Tribulations
915 Oscar Mc Lollie All That Oil In Texas
Be Cool My Heart - vocals - Bedell Forrest
916 John Lee Hooker Too Much Boogie
I Need Somebody
917 Joe Houston Blowin' Crazy
Going Crazy
919 Lawrence Stone New Love
Too Much Lovin'
920 Oscar Mc Lollie Lolly Pop
God Gave Us Christmas
921 Young Jesse I Smell A Rat
Lonesome Desert
922 Sister Christine Sykes Nothing Can Change
We Walked Out In Jesus Name
923 John Lee Hooker Down Child
Gotta Boogie
924 Smokey Hogg Can't Do Nothing
Just Can't Help It
926 Jimmy Mc Cracklin Blues Blasters Boogie
The Panic's On
927 Jerry Thomas Lost Monday
Don't Have To Worry
928 Oscar Mc Lollie What You Call 'Em Joe
Mama Don't Like
930 Dennis Binder I Miss You So
Early Times
931 John Lee Hooker I Wonder Little Darlin'
Jump Me
933 Marvin and Johnny Cherry Pie
Tick Tock
934 Jimmy Mc Cracklin Darlin' Share Your Love
Give My Heart A Break
935 John Lee Hooker Let's Talk It Over
938 Linda Peters One More Chance
Ooh Daddy
939 Native Boys Native Girl
It Won't Take Long
940 Oscar Mc Lollie Love Me Tonight
Take Your Shoes Off Pop
944 Arthur Lee Maye and the Crowns Set My Heart Free
I Wanna Love
945 Poka-Dotts Ting-A-Ling
Stairway To Love
946 Marvin and Johnny Little Honey
Honey Girl
947 Etta James and the Peaches The Wallflower
Hold Me Squeeze Me
948 John Lee Hooker Shake Holler And Run
Half A Stranger
949 Marvin and Johnny Kokomo
Sometimes I Wonder
951 Jimmy Mc Cracklin Please Forgive Me Baby
Couldn't Be A Dream
952 Marvin and Johnny I Love You Yes I Do
955 Oscar Mc Lollie Eternal Love
956 The Cadets Don't Be Angry
I Cried
957 Etta James Hey Henry
Be Mine
958 John Lee Hooker Taxi Driver
You Deceive Me
959 Marvin and Johnny Butter Ball
Sugar Mama
960 The Cadets Rolling Stone
Fine Looking Baby
961 Young Jesse Mary Lou
Don't Think I Will
962 Etta James Good Rockin Daddy
Crazy Feeling
964 Cobras Sindy
965 Dolly Cooper Ay La Baby
My Man
966 John Lee Hooker The Syndicator
Hug And Squeeze Me
967 Jimmy Mc Cracklin Gonna Tell Your Mother
That Ain't Right
968 Marvin and Johnny Will You Love Me
Sweet Dreams
970 Oscar Mc Lollie Convicted
Roll Hot Rod, Roll
971 The Cadets If It Is Wrong
Do You Wanna Rock
972 Etta James W-O-M-A-N
That's All
973 Young Jesse Nothing Seems Right
Do You Love Me
974 Marvin and Johnny Let Me Know
Ain't That Right
975 Sounds So Unneccessary
Cold Chills
977 Dolly Cooper Teenage Prayer
Down So Long
978 John Lee Hooker I'm Ready
Lookin' For A Woman
981 Sounds Sweet Sixteen
Anything For You
982 Marvin and Johnny Wonderful Wonderful One
Yes I Do
983 Elmore James Wild About You
Long Tall Woman
984 Etta James Number One
I'm A Fool
985 The Cadets Heartbreak Hotel
Church Bells May Ring
986 Dolly Cooper Teenage Wedding Bells
Every Day And Every Night
987 Cliques Girl In My Dreams
I Wanna Know Why
988 Etta James Tears Of Joy
Shortin' Rock
989 Shirley Gunter and the Flairs Heading Home
I Want You
990 Hawks It's All Over
Since You've Been Gone
991 Jimmy Beasley Ella Jane
No Love For Me
992 Rockets Be Lovey Dovey
You Are The First One
993 Long Tall Marvin Have Mercy Miss Percy
Tell Me Darlin'
994 The Cadets Stranded In The Jungle
I Want You
995 Cliques My Desire
I'm In Love With A Girl
996 Jimmy Beasley Don't Feel Sorry For Me
Little Coquette
997 Tonettes Don't Fall In Love Too Soon
Tonight You Belong To Me
998 Etta James Tough Lover
Fools We Mortals Be
999 Rocketeers Hey Rube
1000 The Cadets Dancin' Dan
I Got Loaded
1001 Shirley Gunter and the Flairs Just Got Rid Of A Heartache
Fortune In Love
1002 Young Jesse Hit, Git, And Split
It Don't Happen No More
1004 Curley Williams This Heart Of Mine
Be Mine
1005 Jesse Belvin Goodnight My Love
I Want You With Me Christmas
1006 The Cadets I'll Be Spinning
Fools Rush In
1007 Etta James Then I'll Care
Good Lookin'
1008 Hadda Brooks Old Man River
Close Your Eyes
1009 Jimmy Beasley My Happiness
1012 The Cadets Love Bandit
Heaven Help Me
1013 Jesse Belvin Senorita
I Need You So
1015 Jesse Belvin Don't Close The Door
By My Side
1017 The Cadets You Belong To Me
Wiggie Waggie Woo
1020 Jesse Belvin Sad And Lonesome
I'm Not Free
1025 Jesse Belvin You Send Me
1026 The Cadets Ring Chimes
Baby You Know
1027 Jesse Belvin Just To Say Hello
My Satellite