While the bulk of the discographies on Global Dog are from the United States there enough from Australia, Canada and the
United Kingdom that we have added index pages for just those countries besides including them in the main indexes of all labels.
Just click on a flag to see that country's index.

The Canadian discographies are from "50 Year Directory of Canadian 45 & 78 RPM Records 1940 to 1990" by Dave Whatmough. The directory is over 900 pages and still available by contacting Dave at dwhatmough@cogeco.ca
United Kingdom

Much of the United Kingdom discographies are based on the extensive research of Paul Pelletier and are available at Record Information Service

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When RCA first introduced the 45 rpm record they issued them on different colors of vinyl to indicate the type of music the record was. While the color coding didn't catch on the 45's certainly did.

Below are two sample entries, the first is a single where it is the same artist on both the A side and the B side, the second example is where there are different artists on the A side and B side. If there is a "horizontal line" then the A side and B side are different artists.  If there is no horizontal line then it is the same artist for both sides.
Johnny Horton
Happy Millionaire
Mean Mean Son Of A Gun
Johnny Horton
Bill Thompson's Westerners
Plaid And Calico
Done Roving

Color coding:

78 only

78 and 45 with different numbers

78 and 45 both using the same number

45 only


33 1/3 rpm, mostly LP's, 7 inch and 12 inch singles when noted

Purple is used to indicate big gaps, changed numbering systems, prefixes or different labels sharing the same name.

How to read these listings
Eddy Arnold
The Tennessee
Bring Your Roses To Her Now
I Wish I Had A Girl Like You, Mother

In the listing above there are three numbers. The number starting with "WP" is the number for the box set the 45 was part of. The second number is the 45's number. The third number is the 45's 78 equivalent.

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