Discography for Wand Records
101 Lynn Sisters Which Way Did My Heart Go
You've Had Your Play
102 The Leeds Mr. Cool
Heaven Only Knows
103 Bette Watts Sweet Carrie Masintie
Big Paul Bunyan
104 Bette Watts Let It Be Me
Do Me A Favor
105 The Titones My Movie Queen
Symbol Of Love
106 Chuck Jackson I Don't Want To Cry
Just Once
107 Russell Byrd You'd Better Come Home
Let's Tell Him All About It
108 Chuck Jackson In Real Life
The Same Old Story
109 Del Marind Cupid's Arrow
I'll Never Be The Same Again
110 Chuck Jackson I Wake Up Crying
Everybody Needs Love
111 The Jokers So Tight
112 Jocko A Little Bit Of Everything
Blast Off To Love
114 The Renaults Just Like Mine
Another Train Pulled Out
115 Chuck Jackson The Breaking Point
My Willow Tree
117 Deep River Boys Are You Certain
Vanishing American
118 The Isley Brothers The Snake
Right Now
119 Chuck Jackson Band Of Angels
Watcha Gonna Say
120 The Renaults Only You
Hully Gully Lamb
121 Russell Byrd Little Bug
Nights Of Mexico
122 Chuck Jackson Any Day Now
The Prophet
123 Tammy Montgomery Voice Of Experience
I Want'cha To Be True
124 The Isley Brothers Twist And Shout
Spanish Twist
125 Soul Brothers Notify Me
Parade Of Broken Hearts
126 Chuck Jackson I Keep Forgettin'
Who Is Gonna Pick Up The Pieces
127 The Isley Brothers Twistin' With Linda
You Better Come Home
128 Chuck Jackson Gettin' Ready For The Heartbreak
In Between Tears
129 Eloise You Shoulda Treated Me Right
Ooh Baby
130 The Tabs Footsteps
The Wallop
131 The Isley Brothers Nobody But Me
I'm Laughing To Keep From Crying
131? The Isley Brothers Nobody But Me
110th And Lenox Ave
132 Chuck Jackson Tell Him I'm Not Home
Lonely Am I
133 Billy Adams Skip To My Lou
Billy Boy
134 Pancho Villa Orchestra Non Stop
135 Maxine Brown Ask Me
Yesterdays Kisses
136 Ed Bruce It's Coming To Me
The Greatest Man
137 The Isley Brothers I Say Love
Hold On Baby
138 Chuck Jackson I Will Never Turn My Back On You
Tears Of Joy
139 The Tabs Take My Love With You
I'm With You
140 Ed Bruce See The Big Man Cry
You Need A New Love
141 Chuck Jackson New York, Big New York
Any Other Way
142 Maxine Brown Coming Back To You
Since I Found You
143 The Kingsmen Louie Louie
Haunted Castle
143 The Kingsmen Louie Louie 64-65-66
Haunted Castle
145 Brenton Wood Hideaway
Mr. Schemer
146 Timmy Shaw Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
I'm A Lonely Guy
147 Gino Washington Out Of This World
Come Monkey With Me
148 Ed Bruce The Workingman's Prayer
Don't Let It Happen To Us
149 Chuck Jackson Hand It Over
Look Over Your Shoulder
150 The Kingsmen Money
Bent Scepter
151 Timmy Shaw If I Catch You
There Goes My Baby
152 Maxine Brown Little Girl Lost
You Upset My Soul
153 Nornetts Happy Boy
Papa Knew
154 Chuck Jackson Beg Me
This Broken Heart
155 Gino Washington Baby Be Mine
I'm Comin' Home
156 Ed Bruce I'm Gonna Have A Party
Half A Love
157 The Kingsmen Little Latin Lupe Lu
David's Mood
158 Maxine Brown I Cry Alone
Put Yourself In My Place
159 Richard Walker Sally's Party
Wedding Day
160 The Mighty Sparrow Village Ram
She's Been Gone Too Long
161 Chuck Jackson Somebody New
Stand By Me
162 Maxine Brown Oh No, Not My Baby
You Upset My Soul
163 Bessie Banks Do It Now
(You Should Have Been) A Doctor
164 The Kingsmen Death Of An Angel
Searching For Love
165 Don and the Goodtimes Turn It On
Make It
166 Lois Lane Turn Me Loose
My Only Prayer
167 Nella Dodds Come See About Me
You Don't Love Me Anymore
169 Chuck Jackson Since I Don't Have You
Hand It Over
170 Gary Weston Red Feather Basket
I Should Say Not
171 Nella Dodds Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
A Girl's Life
172 The Kingsmen Jolly Green Giant
Long Green
173 Maxine Brown It's Gonna Be Alright
You Do Something To Me
174 Diplomats There's Still A Tomorrow
So Far Away
178 Nella Dodds Your Love Back
P's And Q's
179 Chuck Jackson I Need You
Chuck's Soul Brother Twist
180 Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers Parchmen Farm
What's Easy
181 Chuck and Maxine Something You Got
Babe, Take Me
182 Inspirations Let's Kiss And Make Up
Love Is Wonderful
183 The Kingsmen The Climb
The Waiting
184 Don and the Goodtimes Something On My Mind
Straight Scepter
185 Maxine Brown One Step At A Time
Anything For A Laugh
187 Nella Dodds Come Back Baby
Dream Boy
188 Chuck Jackson If I Didn't Love You
Just A Little Bit Of Your Soul
189 The Kingsmen Annie Fannie
Give Her Lovin'
191 Chuck and Maxine Can't Let You Out Of My Sight
Don't Go
192 Smith Girls The Way I Love My Baby (Milk Is Milk)
All You Gotta Do
193 Princetons Little Miss Sad
Bony Moronie
194 John Steele and the Del-Mates The Fat Man
You're Gonna Miss Me
195 Diplomats Love Ain't What It Used To Be
I've Got A Feeling
196 Lu Ann Simms If It's Gonna Happen
After The Party
197 The Maji Rockin' Crickets
Double Tough
198 Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown I Need You So
'Cause We're In Love
199 Headlyters You Better Come Home
I Need You
1100 Diane and Annita One By One
Why Do You Take So Long To Say Goodnight
1102 Bobby "Blue" Bland You've Got Time
Honey, You've Been On My Mind
1103 Johnny Copeland It's Me
The Invitation
1104 Maxine Brown If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
You're In Love
1105 Chuck Jackson Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
1106 Clarence Reid I Refuse To Give Up
Somebody Will
1107 The Kingsmen (You Got) The Gamma Goochee
It's Only The Dog
1108 Billy Thompson Kiss Tomorrow Good-bye
Black-Eyed Girl
1109 Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown I'm Satisfied
Please Don't Hurt Me
1111 Nella Dodds Gee Whiz
Maybe Baby
1112 The Charts Desiree
Fell In Love With You Baby
1113 Mickey and Clean City Soapy
Static Electricity
1114 Johnny Copeland I'm Gonna Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat
Blowing In The Wind
1115 The Kingsmen Killer Joe
Little Green Things
1116 Shirley and Jessie Ivory Tower
You Can't Fight Love
1117 Maxine Brown One In A Million
Anything You Do Is Right
1118 The Kingsmen The Climb
The Crunch
1119 Chuck Jackson All In My Mind
And That's Saying A Lot
1120 Monzas Hey I Know You
Forever Walks A Drifter
1121 Clarence Reid I'm Your Yes Man
Your Love Is All The Help I Need
1122 The Last Five Kicking You
Weather Man
1123 Diane and Annita All Cried Out
I'm Ready If You Are
1124 The Charts Nobody Made You Love Me
Livin' The Nightlife
1125 Roscoe Robinson That's Enough
One More Time
1126 Grant Nelson My Heart Can't Understand It
Billy & Sue
1127 The Kingsmen My Wife Can't Cook
Little Sally Tease
1128 Maxine Brown We Can Work It Out
Let Me Give You Lovin'
1129 Chuck Jackson The Chains Of Love (Are Breaking Me Down)
Theme To The Blues
1130 Johnny Copeland Wake Up Little Suzie
You're Gonna Reap Just What You Sow
1131 Shirley and Jessie Too Much Too Soon
Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going)
1132 Tiny Goldust and his Golden Trumpet One Last Walk
Walking The Streets
1134 Earl Harrison Humphrey Stomp
Can You Forgive Me
1135 Al Wilson Help Me
Help Me (instrumental)
1136 Nella Dodds Honey Boy
I Just Gots To Have You
1137 The Kingsmen If I Needed Someone
Grass Is Green
1138 Alan Bruce Where Do We Go From Here
I Feel Better
1139 Shirley Mondaine Ain't That Cold
1140 Jesse Hill Something Ought To Be Done
My Children My Children
1141 The Honey Bees Let's Get Back Together
Never In A Million Years
1142 Chuck Jackson I've Got To Be Strong
Where Did She Stay
1143 Roscoe Robinson How Much Pressure
Do It Right Now
1144 Just Brothers Carlena
She Broke His Heart
1145 Maxine Brown I Don't Need Anything
The Secret Of Livin'
1146 The Rivals Hollin' For My Darlin'
It Won't Be Long Now
1147 The Kingsmen Trouble
Daytime Shadows
1148 Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown Hold On I'm Coming
Never Had It So Good
1149 Roscoe Robinson What You're Doin' To Me
A Thousand Rivers
1150 Ernie Hines Party Rain
1151 Chuck Jackson Need You There
Every Man Needs A Down Home Girl
1152 Ivories Please Stay
I'm In The Groove
1153 Walter Wilson Not Now But Later
Love Keep Me Crying
1154 The Kingsmen The Wolf Of Manhattan
Childrens Caretaker
1155 Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown Daddy's Home
Don't Go
1156 The Moving Sidewalks 99th Floor
What Are You Going To Do
1157 The Kingsmen Don't Say No
(I Have Found) Another Girl
1158 Sammy Jones Don't Touch Me
Cinderella Jones
1159 Chuck Jackson Hound Dog
Love Me Tender
1160 Lou Lawton Knick Knack Patty Wack
It's That Time Of Day
1161 Roscoe Robinson I Gotta Keep Tryin'
Just A Little Bit
1162 Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown Tennessee Waltz
C.C. Rider
1163 The Groove Love It's Getting Better
The Light Of Love
1164 The Kingsmen Bo Diddley Bach
Just Before The Break Of Day
1165 Johnny Moore Haven't I Been Good To You
A Dollar Ninety Eight
1166 Chuck Jackson Shame On Me
1167 The Moving Sidewalks Need Me
Every Night A New Surprise
1168 The Masqueraders I Don't Want Nobody To Lead Me On
Let's Face Facts
1169 Sandy Waddy Everything is Everything
Secret Love
1170 The Next Five Mama Said
Talk To Me Girl
1171 L C Cooke Half A Man
Let's Do It Over
1172 The Masqueraders Sweet Lovin' Woman
Do You Love Me Baby
1173 Marvin Preyer What Can I Call My Own
It's Coming To Me
1174 The Kingsmen Get Out Of My Life Woman
Since You Been Gone
1175 Joe Arnold Share Your Love With Me
1176 Billy Thornhill The Key
What's Going On In The Barn
1177 Dee Clark Nobody But You
Nobody But You
1178 Chuck Jackson My Child's Child
Theme To The Blues 2
1179 Maxine Brown Soul Serenade
He's The Only Guy I'll Ever Love
1180 The Kingsmen On Love
I Guess I Was Dreamin'
1181 Marvin Preyer Climbing Up To Love
Don't Stop Loving Me This Time
1182 Freddie Hughes Send My Baby Back
Where's My Baby
1183 Diane Lewis I Thank You Kindly
Please Let Me Help You
1184 The Gentlemen Four You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
It Won't Hurt
1185 The Joneses Baby
Washington Square
1186 Joe Arnold Let It Be Me
Cooking Gear
1187 The Peter Thomas Groupe Scufflin'
Hittin' Hard
1188 Benny Gordon Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got
Turn On Your Love Light
1189 Mel Wynn and the Rhythm Aces Don't Want To Lose You
Emmy Lou
1190 The Stone Cantaloupe (Way Back) In 19 And 68
The Unconventional Blues
1191 Diane Lewis Without Your Love
Giving Up Your Love
1192 Freddie Hughes Natural Man
I Gotta Keep My Bluff In
1193 The Esquires You've Got The Power
No Doubt About It
1194 Warren Lee Born In The Ghetto
Funky Belly
1195 The Esquires I Don't Know
Part Angel
1196 Mel Wynn and the Rhythm Aces Stop Sign
Give When You Take
1197 Freddie Hughes He's No Good
I Gotta Keep My Bluff In
1198 Stemmons Express Love Power
Woman, Love Thief
1199 Glen Goza The Box
Incredible Shrinking Man
11200 Joe Jeffrey Group My Pledge Of Love
11201 The Esquires Whip It On Me
It Was Yesterday
11202 Betty Moorer It's My Thing
Speed Up
11203 Brenda J Jones Point Of No Return
11204 Jackie Moore Loser Again
Who Told You
11205 George Tindley It's All Over But The Shouting
Ain't That Peculiar
11206 Lee Allen Don't Wait Till Morning Comes
All Too Soon
11207 Joe Jeffrey Dreamin' Till Then
The Train
11208 George Tindley Honky Tonk Woman
So Help Me Woman
11209 Darryl Stewart Cross My Heart
Name It And Claim It
11211 Benny Conn Satisfy My Hunger
I Just Wanna Come In Outta The Rain
11212 Bobby Bradshaw Show Me A Man
Loving You
11213 Joe Jeffrey Hey Hey Woman
The Chance Of Loving You
11214 Paul Flagg Tell The Truth
Georgia Pines
11215 George Tindley Wan Tu Wah Zuree
Pity The Poor Man
11216 Wheatstraw One Am
Face Outside My Window
11217 Abraham Kangaroo I
Kangaroo II
11218 Winfield Parker I'm Wondering
Will There Ever Be Another Love For Me
11219 Joe Jeffrey My Baby Loves Lovin'
The Chance Of Loving You
11220 The Alliance Pass The Pipe
Cupid's Holding
11221 Mod Lads Let's Have Some Fun - Part 1
Let's Have Some Fun - Part 2
11222 Jerry-O Funky Football
Wang Dang Do
11223 Freedom of Choice Doctor Tom
Fat Man
11224 The Moods Rainmaker
Lady Rain
11225 Something New You Babe
What's This I See
11226 Sylvia Jenkins It's Gonna Be Alright
You Do Something To Me
11227 Frankie Newsome Don't Mess With My Love Maker - Part 1
Don't Mess With My Love Maker - Part 2
11228 Triumphs Houston Won't Call Me
Warner The Drummer
11229 Soul Dynamics Stay In The Groove - Part 1
Stay In The Groove - Part 2
11230 Earl King Tic Tac Toe
A Part Of Me
11231 Little Grady Lewis Soul Smokin - Part 1
Soul Smokin - Part 2
11232 Earl King Mama & Papa
This Is What I Call Living
11233 Wally Cox This Man
I've Had Enough
11234 The Luv Bugs Mama's Gonna Whip You
Soul In The Ghetto
11235 Joe Jeffrey A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
Power Of Love
11236 Ralfi Pagan Make It With You
Stray Woman
11237 Reflection Just Realized
Someone To Love (Never Thought I'd Find)
11238 Lee Charles You Got To Get It For Yourself
I Get High On My Baby's Love
11239 Kent Drake Boss Thing Together
Without A Lady's Hand
11240 Terri Crispino This Is Your Life
Someone Is Standing Outside
11241 Curtis Blandon In The Long Run
Push Comes To Shove
11242 Lee Charles When The Deal Goes Down
Let's Play House
11243 Kevin Lindsay Sing Children Sing
Hang-Ups Of A Child
11245 Independents Just As Long As You Need Me - Part 1
Just As Long As You Need Me - Part 2
11246 Reflection Living In A World Of Fantasy
Four Walls (And A Telephone)
11247 Walter Jackson No Easy Way Down
I'm All Cried Out
11248 Silhouettes You Cheated You Lied
11249 Independents I Just Want To Be There
Can't You Understand It
11250 Chuck Jones and Company Boo On You
11251 Southside Movement I've Been Watching You
Have A Little Mercy
11252 Independents Leaving Me
I Love You, Yes I Do
11253 The Rivingtons Pa Pa Oom Mow-Mow
I Don't Want A New Baby
11254 Jimmi Green The Robot
The Robot (instrumental)
11255 Patti Jo Make Me Believe In You
Keep Me Warm
11256 JT That's A No No
Grinder Man
11257 Ultra High Frequency Get On The Right Track
Get On The Right Track (instrumental)
11258 Independents Baby I've Been Missing You
Couldn't Hear Nobody Say (I Love You Like I Do)
11259 Southside Movement Can You Get To That
Mud Wind
11260 General Crook The Best Years Of My Life
11261 Clara Lewis Needing You
Needing You (instrumental)
11262 Ultra High Frequency Incompatible
Saddest Smile
11263 Independents It's All Over
Sara Lee
11264? Southside Movement Can You Get To That
Mud Wind
11265 Ann Bailey Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug
Fun City Woman
11266 Ike Lovely Fool's Hall Of Fame
Little Miss Sweet Thing
11267 Independents The First Time We Met
Show Me How
11268 Brandy Lane Share Your Love With Me
Need Somebody To Tell My Troubles To
11269 LTG Exchange Corazon
A Young Mother's Love
11270 General Crook Tell Me What 'Cha Gonna 'Do (When You Want To Be Loved)
11272 Chuck Cornish Ali Funky Thing - Part 1
Ali Funky Thing - Part 2
11273 Independents Arise And Shine (Let's Get It On)
I Found Love On A Rainy Day
11274 Sam Williams Singers For My People
God Is Not Dead
11275 LTG Exchange Water Bed - Part 1
Water Bed - Part 2
11276 General Crook Fever In The Funkhouse
Fever In The Funkhouse (instrumental)
11278 LTG Exchange Keep On Trying
Tsen Si Yen Yen
11279 Independents No Wind No Rain
Let This Be A Lesson To You
11280 Philadelphia Story You Are The Song (I've Been Writing For All My Life)
If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now
11281 General Crook I'm Satisfied
Thanks, But No Thanks
11282 LTG Exchange My Love (Does It Good To Me) - Part 1
My Love (Does It Good To Me) - Part 2
11283 Gene Toone He Outdid Himself
Baby Boy
11284 Smallwood Brothers One Last Memory
11285 Five Blind Boys Of Alabama Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
11286 Will Hatcher Who Am I Without You Baby
What Is Best For Me Is Better For You
11287 South Shore Commission Free Man
Free Man (disco mix)
11288 Secrets Baby (Save Me)
Baby (Save Me) (disco Mix)
11290 Smallwood Brothers I Don't Want To Go Back
I Don't Want To Go Back (instrumental)
11291 South Shore Commission We're On The Right Track
I'd Rather Switch Than Fight
11292 Smokey Joe Gruff & his 1946 Hudson The Breakdown
The Breakdown (disco version)
11293 Gene Toone and the Chapter IV Baby Boy - Part 1
Baby Boy - Part 2
11294 South Shore Commission Train Called Freedom
Train Called Freedom (disco version)
11295 Sweet Music I Get Lifted
I Get Lifted (instrumental)